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Comments from Readers about "The White Mary"

“It has been several years that I have read a novel of this genre that completely engrossed me within the first chapter. There is such a strong autobiographical tone to Ms. Salak's work that provides an unquestionable level of authenticity for the reader - it was simply amazing. I will be stocking Ms. Salak's novel in my store and I will definitely recommend it to my customers.” —Valerie Jones, Fireside Books and Gifts

“I couldn't put it down as I was captivated by Kira Salak's details of the jungle travel/life and of her romance with Seb. I didn't want the novel to end. I absolutely LOVED the book.” —Lisa Matteo

“I thought The White Mary was fantastic! I was reading a novel when it arrived and after I read a few pages of The White Mary, I put the other novel aside. I was completely drawn in to the story. Salak’s writing—the description, the character development—kept me completely intrigued and made me feel as if I were on this amazing adventure too. One of the best works of fiction I have read so far this year.” —Kendall Smith

“I really, really liked this book. Marika’s emotions and motivations and personality were so believable. I have never been to any of the places she visited, but with this book I felt that I was there. I’d certainly recommend this book to someone else.” —Meghan Kawka, Brandeis University

“I couldn't put this book down for long - the characters, the plot, description, and the pacing all came together to create one of the best books I have read in a very long time. I teach creative writing at our local community college and I made sure that everyone in the class knew that this is a novel they should read to see how to do it! Kira Salak is a fabulous story teller and the characters were so finally drawn that I feel like I could build an entire class around The White Mary.” —Patricia Punt

“Marika Vecera is an unforgettable character. She's an intriguing combination of strength and vulnerability and she leads a very interesting kind of life. I am also enjoying Kira Salak's descriptions of jungle travel and the tribal people she meets. I will be recommending this book to others!” —Susan Fox

“I find (The White Mary) enthralling. Sometimes after reading at night I find myself swatting at "jungle" insects. I hope Ms. Salak has a long and profitable career.” —Mary Tankard, Martin Memorial Library

“I found it to be an extraordinarily powerful novel on many levels.—Mark Watkins

“When I received The White Mary, a novel by travel writer Kira Salak, I flipped through it and just read the first page. Then I read the second. Then the next time I looked up, I was fifty pages in and still didn't want to put it down. The White Mary is absolutely compelling reading. I think The White Mary is going to be a popular book this fall and I expect her other work will get more attention, too- and rightly so. She's a terrific writer and really delivers with The White Mary.” —Marie,

“I thought the book was fabulous - gripping and emotional and it really moved along quickly.” —Lisa Hura

“I loved it! Ms. Salak's vivid depiction of the jungle of New Guinea was a compelling read. I have passed the word (and the book) on to friends in my book club.” —Linda Cameron

“I thought (The White Mary) was one of the most intense, soul searching novels I have read in a very long time. I look forward to more novels by Kira Salak. If they are of the quality that this novel is, we readers are in for a rich experience.” —Cathy

“I am reading The White Mary at the moment. I am really enjoying it. As a former Peace Corps volunteer, I'm really resonating with the character and her experiences, both actual and the internal processing of the experiences.” —Julie, Internet Review Of Books

“I am enjoying the colorful descriptions of PNG and of Africa, and I find myself being drawn into the story and the character.” —Jonathan Luckett

“The White Mary is different from any thing I have read and being a librarian I have read a lot of things. This was a great book and Kira Salak is now one of my must read authors.” —Jamie Freed, Ithaca High School
“Reading this book was a very visceral experience. It spoke to the questions and realities that we all must face. The action and conflict was delectable, but the level of self-introspection of the characters was the real heart of the story.” —Heather Figearo

“The Author at a very young age was hop skipping around the globe while I was debating if I should drive to a town two hours away on my own. If you enjoy fiction that takes you around the world and people learning to overcome their pain you will like this book. I recommend it.” —Billie Kariher-Dyer

“Salak's first-hand experiences give a vividness and depth to her descriptions of jungle life that made it difficult to put the book down. If a movie is ever made from this story, it will surely rival the classic ‘African Queen.’ I will be able to recommend The White Mary with enthusiasm to our customers at Blue Willow Bookshop.” —Alice Meloy, Blue Willow Bookshop

“I found the storyline of Marika's search for Robert Lewis very interesting and the setting of Papua New Guinea was eye-opening. I've already put a 'real' copy on order for when it's released.” —Carrie, Library Director, Martin Library at The Art Institute of York

“I found it to be an intriguing read. I especially appreciate the authenticity which Ms Salak brings to her writings having lived her life as a journalist. I will be recommending this book to my friends and colleagues.” —Jean Icaza, UConn Co-op School of Law Bookstore

“ I could actually picture myself in the novel as Kira is able to put a reader right in the throes of her story.” —Madeline Fischer

“It is immediately apparent that the author hasn’t just watched a National Geographic Special on Papua New Guinea, she has actually been through that jungle. It adds tremendously to the story. This is a great tale of adventure, a story about finding yourself, a story about the futility of running from your problems.” —Lisa Hura

“It is vividly written; I felt I was dying from the heat while I read the jungle scenes, even though the temperature here was not above 90 degrees.” —Kathie Groves

“Salak is a unique phenomenon and a wild spirit - traveling alone as a woman to places most men would be afraid to go in a group. Marika is an extraordinarily well-drawn character. The White Mary is a powerful and gripping first novel, a cautionary tale full of danger, travel, and adventure, and at the same time gives deep insight into the human condition.” —Mark Watkins

"The White Mary is a heartbreakingly compeling novel. Marika's grueling odyssey rings utterly true because the beautiful and terrible telling of it rang true. PNG certainly has always seemed such a world to me. Obviously drawing from her own experiences there, Ms. Salak's powerful descriptive powers and vividly graphic prose made it possible for me to share them along with Marika.” —Eleanor V. Miller

“I must say that it is the best book I have read so far this year. This book sucked me in and blew me away.” —Connie McGinnis

“I am pretty certain that I will never have the opportunity to visit Papua New Guinea, but thanks to author Kira Salak, I feel like I have had a grand tour of this beautiful island. I absolutely loved this book.” —Donna